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Futura Genetics Overview: Can It Improve Your Health?

Futura Genetics’ non-invasive DNA test reveals how likely you are to develop 28 of today’s most common conditions, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and eight different types of cancers. You’ll learn your risk (as a percentage) compared to the population’s average risk.

Having this information can be invaluable – life-saving, even. With results from a Futura 28 DNA test, you can start making proactive lifestyle changes to help curb or manage any predisposed risks.

Whether you worry about your health or are just looking to improve your lifestyle, a DNA test can be a great place to start. However, it’s important to note that Futura Genetics’ services can be expensive, which might be a downside to consider. I’ll cover each step of Futura Genetics’ service and highlight what works and what doesn’t so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

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DNA Test Kit

Similar to other services, Futura Genetics collects your DNA sample with a saliva tube. The test itself only takes a minute and you can do it from your couch – you don’t even have to make a trip to the post office!

Here’s the process:

  1. Order a DNA kit from the website. A helpful tutorial walks you through the steps to confirm your shipping address and payment information. After ordering, you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  2. Receive your DNA kit in about five to ten business days. The time it takes to ship will vary depending on your address.
  3. Follow the enclosed instructions. Your package will also include a saliva tube and an envelope for the return shipment. Make sure to register the kit online using the attached barcode so that your results will show up on your account as soon as they’re ready.
  4. Spit into the tube so that it fills up with enough saliva to touch the fill line. Then, remove the funnel from the tube, put the cap on, and shake the sample for five seconds. Remember not to eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum for a half hour before providing your sample!
  5. Schedule a pickup on the website when your sample’s ready to send back. A courier will show up three working days after you notify them.

If you’ve already completed a 23andMe ancestry test, you don’t even have to submit a DNA sample to Futura Genetics – saving you both time and money. All you have to do is upload the raw data from your 23andMe test! (Read our 23andMe review here.)

5 Standout Features of Futura Genetics

1. Tests for 28 common conditions.

Futura Genetics looks at 28 diseases and what level of risk you have for each (as compared to the general population). Another major service, 23andMe, only looks at 13 diseases (as of this writing). Futura Genetics tests for the most common and concerning conditions, including Alzheimer’s, eight different types of cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and more.

2. Ships DNA kits worldwide for free.

With Futura Genetics, geographical location is not a barrier to accessing their DNA testing services due to their worldwide shipping options. They also cover the costs of both sending the kit to you and its return postage.

3. Accepts 23andMe raw data.

Futura Genetics has rolled out a tailored program designed specifically for individuals who have previously taken a DNA test with 23andMe. If you’ve already undergone testing with 23andMe, you can easily upload your raw genetic data directly on Futura Genetics’ website. They’ve simplified the process with a user-friendly interface and an instructional video that walks you through each step.

One standout feature of this program is the quick turnaround time for results, typically delivered within ten minutes or less. This swift processing ensures that you can promptly access valuable insights derived from your genetic data, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your health and well-being.

4. Results offer preventative guidelines.

After Futura Genetics completes your test analysis, you will gain access to comprehensive and pertinent information detailing the findings of the CLIA-certified laboratory. The report presents your risk probability for each disease as a percentage value. Furthermore, it outlines environmental factors associated with each disease, offering guidance on how to reduce or possibly prevent these risks.

Futura Genetics Review

5. Optional setting hides results for Alzheimer’s disease.

Futura Genetics is aware that you may not want to know the results of all the diseases they test for, especially the more sensitive ones. That’s why they give you the option to deselect Alzheimer’s disease and hide the results in your final report. You can set this up during the registration process on their website.

Buy Your Futura Genetics Kit Today

Reading Your Results

A Comprehensive Report in Under a Month

The primary focus of the report provided by Futura Genetics is your health. While it may not be as exciting as delving into your family history, understanding your health risks serves as a valuable guide for making lifestyle adjustments.

Futura Genetics emphasizes that taking the test is just the initial step and strongly recommends discussing your results with a healthcare professional.

Once you hand over your sample to a courier, it is sent to Futura Genetics’ CLIA-certified laboratory in Europe. Upon arrival, skilled technicians process your sample and generate a comprehensive report within three to four weeks. This timeframe is relatively standard compared to other DNA testing services.

It’s worth noting that the report is available in only two languages: English and German. Considering the global shipping of their tests, it is somewhat surprising that more language options are not offered.

Remember, the test only reveals your genetic predispositions to certain diseases. The report does not include information about your ethnicity or where your ancestors came from. (If you want to get results that combine both ancestry and health and wellness, we suggest looking into Living DNA.)

The report spans 26 pages and includes a short introduction on interpreting its contents, data on your risk levels for various diseases, and a glossary. It also provides detailed information on each condition, covering aspects such as contraction and prevention.

Each of the 28 conditions listed in the report is accompanied by small icons labeled as “Environmental Factors” by Futura Genetics. These icons serve as helpful visual aids, suggesting ways to minimize your risks. A reference guide at the start of the report explains the meaning of each icon.

Futura Genetics Review

Futura Genetics Pricing

A Sizable Sum for the Complete Package

Finding out about your risks for predisposed conditions doesn’t come cheap. It’s a one-time, all-encompassing fee for the Futura 28 DNA test with a high-price to pay for the company’s services.

23andMe tests for half the number of health predispositions, but is also half the cost and includes ancestry reports. Offering even more of a competitive edge, tellmeGen tests for nearly five times as many conditions as Futura Genetics, contains your ancestry information and costs less than half for its DNA test.

For an extra fee, tellmeGen can even connect you with genetic counselors to help you get the most out of your test. Futura Genetics, on the other hand, only recommends a doctor’s visit to sort out your results.

At the moment, Futura Genetics only offers one report option. It might be more than you’re willing to pay for, especially since they don’t offer any other services on their site, such as building a diet or fitness plan.

There is a cheaper alternative. If you’ve taken the 23andMe test, you can skip the DNA test and get your results in minutes, plus you’ll pay significantly less for the results than what a regular Futura Genetics DNA kit costs. A representative was able to confirm this information on their website.

While browsing the site, a special offer popped up that discounts your order ten percent, so you’d probably be likely to bring the cost down a bit. They accept payment in credit card, PayPal, and bank wire transfer. All listed prices are in USD.


Helpful Staff Available Across Limited Contact Methods

If you need help ordering your DNA test, would like an update on its status, or have questions about reading your results, Futura Genetics offers limited resources and two methods of contact.

The best form of communication is their live chat option on the website. By clicking the live chat tab in the bottom right corner of the website, I connected in seconds with a helpful representative named Helen.

In the live chat I wrote, “How will I know when my results are ready after submitting a DNA test in the mail?” She responded to my question right away to confirm that you receive an email notification when the report is ready.

The service even has the option of emailing you a transcript when the chat ends.

Futura Genetics Review

When live chat is unavailable, you have the option of sending an email instead, which is the second method of contact. I drafted an email asking when the live chat hours are, and got a response (again, from Helen) in less than three hours confirming it’s from 2 PM to 6 PM CST every day.

Futura Genetics Review

Later in the week, I wrote another email asking, “Is there a chance Futura Genetics could test for more than 28 conditions in the future?” It took three days to get an email back (Helen is a busy lady!) with the answer, “Sure, there is a chance.”

Futura Genetics Review

Beyond the live chat and email options, they have a page for FAQs on their website. As of now, they don’t offer phone support. There’s a YouTube channel but it only has three videos uploaded, one of which is a short clip giving a very general overview of the services.

Even though Futura Genetics’ DNA test has a very specific offering, there are limited support methods to help address the many questions you might have.

An Expensive yet Practical Way to Take Charge of Your Health

Using state-of-the-art technology and Genorama Genotype Software, Futura Genetics’ DNA test reveals your likelihood of developing 28 conditions. Equipping yourself with this info could be life-saving and worthy of your investment – but is it the best option on the market?

Other companies, such as 23andMe and tellmeGen, offer DNA tests that check your predispositions for less but also have limitations on where they can ship. 23andMe currently ships to 53 different countries and territories while tellmeGen’s kit is much more limited (although they have been known to make exceptions).

Futura Genetics ships their tests worldwide and requires little action on your end. Plus, they take care of all the shipping details. The only steps you’ll need to take is ordering a kit, spitting into a tube, and scheduling a courier on their website to pick up your sample.

If this simplified, no-nonsense approach to DNA testing appeals to you, then Futura Genetics could be worth the investment. But remember, once you get your results, there’s nothing more that Futura Genetics has to offer. If you want more info or direction for what to do with your results, other services might be more up your alley.

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How accurate is Futura Genetics?

Futura Genetics offers to test your potential risk of developing 28 common conditions. The company claims to base the results of tests on thousands of DNA studies concerning SNPs. SNPs, or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, are variations in your DNA associated with diseases.

On top of this, the company has over 15 years of experience in genetic testing. You should have confidence in Futura Genetic’s test results.

How does Futura Genetics compare to more well-known competitors?

The focus of testing with Futura Genetics is much more narrow when compared to other DNA testing companies. Tests look at your DNA variants to detect whether you’re susceptible to developing common conditions. It does not offer testing for ancestry or provide health insights into diet and fitness.

Some DNA testing companies offer comparable services. Living DNA offers combined ancestry and health testing in one kit. While it doesn’t look at health conditions, it can reveal all sorts about your exercise and nutrition profile.

How much does a Futura Genetics test cost? (Any discounts?)

There is currently only one Futura Genetics DNA test option at 375,00 US$. There are no shipping costs or additional fees. You can pay for it via credit card, PayPal, or bank wire transfer. The company only issues a refund as long as Futura Genetics hasn’t shipped the kit out yet.

Who founded Futura Genetics?

Futura Genetics is based in Israel, while its sister company, Futura Biology Inc. is in Vancouver. Auro Pontes and Efi Binder are Futura Genetic’s co-founders. It is their mission to offer affordable and informative DNA tests while advancing genetic testing.

Who should consider taking a Futura Genetics test?

If there’s a condition to potentially be concerned about, you want to take a Futura Genetics test. It tests for common diseases that afflict many today. While it’s not a guarantee you will develop the conditions detailed in your results, it does show whether you are at risk based on your genetics.

Plus, if you don’t want to know your risk for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, you have the option to withhold it from your results.

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