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GeneFood Overview: Which Diet Type Matches Your DNA Profile?

GeneFood distinguishes itself in the DNA testing realm by highlighting the correlation between your genes, diet, and overall health. It’s an attractive option if you’re interested in exploring the intersection of genetics, nutrition, and well-being.

In my thorough assessment of GeneFood, I examined its accuracy, confidentiality protocols, and the usefulness of its dietary and lifestyle recommendations. My evaluation affirmed that GeneFood consistently excels in these critical areas.

This review will explore the unique attributes that differentiate GeneFood from other DNA test kits. Notably, GeneFood excels in offering tailored nutritional guidance based on your distinct genetic makeup. However, it’s worth noting that this specialized focus might come with a slightly higher price tag compared to other DNA tests. As you continue reading, I will shed light on what GeneFood provides, how it compares to similar services, and if it’s worth the potential investment.

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5 Standout Features of Gene Food

1. Individualized DNA-Based Health Solutions

Bio-individuality is a real thing. With ongoing research into the far-reaching influence of your genetics, it’s become increasingly clear that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to nutrition. So, what you get from this company isn’t generic.

2. Personalized Recipes for Your Unique Genetics

Gene Food goes further by providing not only individualized health solutions but also personalized recipes that match your assigned diet type. In your report, you’ll also get recommendations for macronutrients you could be lacking.

3. Includes Cannabis Trait Reports

Gene Food is one of only a few companies to let you know whether you carry the particular genetic markers that are linked to reductions in mental health from consuming THC. The report will include your recommended cannabis dose per day

4. Results Available Fast 

Your results will be available very quickly (within 24 hours) if you upload your raw DNA data file from 23andMe or AncestryDNA. This means you’ll be able to get started with improving your health very quickly. 

5. Easy-to-Understand Science Behind the Recommendations

The company offers a wide range of science-backed resources such as an extensive knowledge base, free podcasts, and blogs to enhance your understanding of nutrigenomics. Additionally, Gene Food provides detailed explanations for all your DNA-based dietary recommendations.

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Similar Tests to Consider

  • InsideTracker, like Gene Food, is a noteworthy player in the realm of personalized health and wellness. It offers a range of comprehensive services aimed at optimizing your overall well-being. By analyzing your blood biomarkers, InsideTracker provides valuable insights into various aspects of your health, such as nutrition, metabolism, and hormone levels. 

Results are Extremely Thorough and Accessible

Gene Food has identified 20 different diet types that are tailored to different genetics. Each diet type is backed up by suggested recipes to help inform your food choices. This company analyzes your DNA to determine how your body is likely to process carbohydrates, fats, proteins, dairy, sugars, and histamines, so that it can suggest a suitable diet:

Gene Food Review

The report digs deeper to generate customized nutritional advice that could help you keep cancer or heart disease at bay:

Gene Food Review

Gene Food has chosen to report on factors that represent the best and latest nutrigenomics research. But because some genes have been studied more than others (therefore the science is sturdier) they are ranked with a science grade from A+ to D, so you know how seriously to treat the recommendations:

Gene Food Review

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Not Cheap, but Save Money by Uploading Raw DNA Data

If you’ve previously undergone a DNA test with 23andMe or AncestryDNA, you have the opportunity to save on costs by uploading your raw DNA data file. The advantage is that you won’t have to wait long, as you should receive your results within 24 hours.

In either case, you can make a one-time payment without the need for any subscriptions. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

Some of the Best Customer Support I’ve Seen

In terms of self-support resources, it’s hard to see how Gene Food could be beaten. Its website is a good educational hub, even if you don’t take its test. Here’s what you’ll find.

There is a comprehensive guide to genetics and nutrition:

Gene Food Review

You can also benefit from a regularly updated blog:

Gene Food Review

And you can listen to free podcasts:

Gene Food Review

You can contact this company by telephone or by filling out an online contact form to initiate an email exchange. I made contact on several occasions, even way back when Gene Food only allowed raw data uploads, and I always received helpful replies like this one:

Gene Food Review

Definitely One to Consider

Gene Food has not been on the scene for very long, so you’d be right to question if it’s the right diet-oriented DNA tester for you.

However, Gene Food’s offerings appear to be incredibly promising. In addition to the free informational content, its in-depth DNA-based personalized nutritional insights and dietary recommendations make it well worth considering if you’re in the market for this kind of information.

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How accurate is Gene Food?

Gene Food’s lab uses what it claims to be the “latest” form of genetic testing technology to make sure that they deliver the “most accurate test results possible.” Specifically, it uses Chip and Global Screening Array (GSA) from Illumina to ensure the great accuracy possible. Illumina offers some of the most trusted and widely-used technology in genetic testing around the world.

What different foods does Gene Food analyze?

It’s not about the specific foods that are analyzed. Rather, Gene Food recommends one of 20 different diet types for you. Logically, that means that means that it looks at hundreds of foods that may or may not be optimal for you based on your genetics.

Who should consider taking a Gene Food test?

If you want a detailed nutrigenomics report, Gene Food could be one of the best options for you.

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